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MCDONALD'S / Happy Euro


Executive Creative Director : Alexander Kalchev

Digital Creative Director : Johann Bernast

Copywriting : Mael Falvet

Art Direction : Nicolas Malcorps

Production :

Campaign for McDonald's on social networks, made at DDB Paris.
The goal of the campaign was to present the toys in the Happy Meal during the UEFA Euro 2016.
One of the main constraint was that we had to show the toys, with there real moves.
So we decided to use what was around the toys to give them more interest.
That's why we did the highlights of some games of the competition in an Olive & Tom (Captain Tsubasa, a Japanese manga) inspired cartoon.
All of these films were created and animated during the night after the game and broadcasted on McDonald's France's Facebook page at 9am in the morning.
1rst Round - France / Romania
Quarter-Final - France / Iceland
Semi-Final - France / Germany
Semi-Final - Portugal / Wales
Final - Portugal / France
McDonald's Facebook page :
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