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Film Bronze Lion for Organ Donation

Wood Pencil in Visual Effects - Colour Grading for Glenmorangie

Bronze Pencil (Film Craft - Direction) for Organ Donation

Merit Award (Film - Non profit cinema advertising) for Organ Donation

Merit Award (Craft - Photography) for Glenmorangie


Bronze (Photography) for Glenmorangie

Silver Clio (Film) for Organ Donation
2 Bronze Clio (Editing) for Organ Donation

Shortlist (Short form) for Organ Donation

Gold (Cinema) for Organ Donation

Silver (Photography) for Glenmorangie

Bronze (Photography) for Glenmorangie
2 shortlists (Music / Digital) for Organ Donation

2 shortlists (Press / Copywriting) for Volkswagen Police

3 shortlists (Editing / Conception & Directing / Digital) for Salomon

Gold at Cristal Festival for Organ Donation


Gold in Photography for Glenmorangie

Gold in Luxury for Glenmorangie

Gold in General Interest and Great Causes for Organ Donation

Gold and Student Price in Luxury for Hennessy VS Africa

Silver in automotive for Volkswagen Police

effie awards.png

Silver in Corporate Communication for Uber

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