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ORGAN DONATION / The Man Who Died The Most In Movies

Cannes Lions - Bronze Lion (Film)

One Show - Bronze Pencil (Film - Craft - Direction)

One Show - Merit Award (Film - Non profit cinema advertising)

Clio Awards - Silver Clio (Film)
Clio Awards - 2 Bronze Clio (Editing)

Clio Awards - Shortlist (Short Form Film)

Club des Directeurs Artistiques -  Gold (Film - Cinema)

Club des Directeurs Artistiques - 2 Shortlists (Music / Digital)

Cristal Festival - Gold (Film)

Stratégies - Gold (General Interest and Great Causes)


Executive Creative Director : Alexandre Hervé

Copywriting : Alexis Benoit

Art Direction : Nicolas Malcorps

Director : Steve Rogers

Production : Wanda

Illustrations : Nicolas Malcorps

Campaign for the Organ Donation and the Agence de la Biomédecine, at DDB Paris.

The goal wasn't to promote organ donation, but to encourage people to give their position to their family. Rather they are for or against giving their organs when they die.

So we decided to give our message through the words of Robert Cronejager, The Man Who Died The Most In Movies.


The film was launched on June 22nd, national organ donation day.

In parallel, we used the hashtag #TheManWhoDiedTheMost to create discussion on the subject on Twitter.

We also reacted to the trending topics with humour to attract people to watch the film.

The Twitter users could also interact with our character himself.

To give credibility to our character, we created a page for the movie on

We also made a poster for the movie.

A series of additional posters were made to reinforce the univers of the film.

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