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HONDA / Prints


Executive Creative Director : Alexander Kalchev

Creative Directors : Alexis Benbehe & Pierre Mathonat

Art Direction : Nicolas Malcorps

Photographers : Haw-Lin Service (for CBR650R) & Todd Anthony (for CB500X)

3D Studio : Mikros Image (X-ADV)

Print ads for Honda, at DDB Paris.
First one is for the CBR650R a powerful racetrack motorcycle for passionate speed riders.
Second print is for the CB500X, a bike made for adventure, but mainly used by city riders for commuting (from home to work). Therefore, this idea is to show that cities nowadays are as vibrant or more than great outdoors.
Third print is for the X-ADV, a scooter which can also be driven on dirt roads as a off-road bike.
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